Boudoir Photography

Some models faces have been cropped for their privacy.









Running Boudoir photography Sessions: A Synopsis

The aim of boudoir photographer is to reflect the glamour, romance, sex appeal, sensuality, raw emotions and the beauty of a female body rather than showcasing nude bodies. This is romantic glamour photography and totally private. Anyone can arrange these private shoots with Maria .

For such sessions, being completely nude isn’t mandatory. You can wear anything you would like. Also, the issue of being naked is also up to the your taste and personality. For costumes, the common choices are soft colored robes, sheer wrap, lingerie, just enough to visualize the angles and shapely curves. You may also bring crop jackets, scarf or any sexy clothes. Nudity is not the point. The aim is to bring out the beauty, sensuality and romance.

As the client I would love to  discuss briefly about your taste and demands. So, as a photographer  I can get an idea of the whole project and setup accordingly. In this case, imagination and creativity of the shooter plays a vital role. Also, as the model is fairly amateur, I will help you  to make the you comfortable with the set and the whole process.

The set arrangement is a pre-requisite for successful shootings. The set can be the your home or  the studio, we can also rent a room in any hotel. Lighting should be low but not dark. The set and other elements have to be light colored. Also, the whole environment must be friendly so you  feel comfortable during the session. Music can be a nice touch, helps calm the nerves.

For such purposes, contact Maria Manjelo, reputed photographer located in New Jersey, expert in executing tasteful boudoir photography successfully.



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