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Children Photographer captures the beauty of childhood with fine art photography.

Children bring joy to our life. Their giggles to the whimsy, quirky smiles and the unimaginable curiosity are priceless. Parents want to treasure these moments and stories for eternity. That’s why, documenting your kid’s childhood is so important. I can help you to achieve your best memories.

The sessions last at least 1 to 1.30 hours depending on your child’s age.  I also recommend to bring extra snacks, drinks or bottle of milk, even if your child on a feeding schedule. It helps to sooth babies and newborns and also gives energy to older kids.

Photo shoot with children is tricky, tiresome and time consuming. Kids are always running around. They like to be silly and spontaneous. And these are perfect moments for the perfect shots. For children portraits outdoors please dress them light. Since all the running around may make kids sweat. For child studio portraits, please don’t bring any more than two outfits, instead try to bring some accessories like hats and scarves or vests and jackets. It will change the looks for your child’s session and yet easy to use. Kids don’t like to change clothes much and we don’t want them to stress out to much. Children running around, having fun and being spontaneous- these are the vital elements of beautiful children photography. The photographer has to be ready with the camera all the time, as kids won’t pose and they have a very short attention span.  Don’t expect from outgoing child a sit down type of photographs. Lower your expectation  about your photo shoot. We sometimes have to go with a child’s mood.

To achieve fine quality children portraits, you can contact Maria Manjelo, a New Jersey based children photographer. Maria has expert authority over fine art children photography and other fields.  

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