Family Portrait Photography


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Reminiscing the past through expertly done Family portraits

People take family portraits not just to mark any milestone or celebration; these portraits are the bridge between you and your root, a tangible piece of history for your next generation. These photos raise a sense of belonging and pride in our heart.

Remember, some moments are very rare to witness. The whole meaning of family portrait is to capture those rare moments and also the daily amazing moments like your daughter hugging her father or a flying kiss from your son.

There is experienced family photographer specializing in family portrait sessions. I understand your demand and have both the technical skill set and understanding of how a session can go since there are multiple characters involved, especially, kids.

Locations matter. Schedule your session lasting at least 2 hours. Avoid busy hours. The session period must be full of joy and peace. Weekends usually the best time to take pictures. Everyone are more rested. A family portrait should reflect you and your family. If you are more casual people then your family session should be more casual. You still have to be in your best clothes but family portraits should show, who you truly are.

You want your portrait to be perfect as it’s for eternity. Everyone always asks me what to wear.

Don’t be afraid of colors. As long as it matches your eyes and makes you look great. Some colors

Outside don’t work great because they tend to flare on the sunlight. If you do it in the studio this problem goes away.

If your females in your family don’t wear makeup. Please at least for the photo shoot you have to do either your eyelashes extensions for one day and your lips. Lipstick can’t be nude color.


If you’re living in New Jersey and in need of such services, contact Maria Manjelo – a professional family portrait photographer with great proficiency.

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