Headshot Photography

How Headshot Photography works

For many jobs, specially, for acting and modeling, headshots are important to visualize an actor’s persona. Well done headshots can be helpful in pursuing acting and modeling deals. Since, headshot photography doesn’t only earn the bread and butter of the photographer and also determines the possibility of employment of the client, the photographer has to be super skilled and be aware of the show media tricks and requirements.

To build up acting or modeling portfolio, you need to pick a proficient and experienced headshot photographer. At first, discuss at length what you want to accomplish. Be open to suggestion. You can ask the photographer about clothes, locations, literally any advice. My  goal is to shoot great photos that earn your satisfaction. You have to be comfortable with the setting so that the elements of your personality are reflected clearly.

After the shooting session, I will present the proof online that contains all the photos taken in small sizes. You can pick your favorites and in this case, asking your agent is the best thing to do, since, he knows what works best. My editor will enhanced them just enough for it still to look natural. You may download them online or receive a disk, depending which session you choosing.


If you’re New Jersey based and need these services, visit Maria Manjelo, a reputed modeling photographer offering excellent headshot imagery.

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