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New Jersey Maternity Photographer – First Maternity in my studio

Renting studios or working from client’s homes was my way of being a Maternity Photographer in New Jersey, I alsoView full post »

New Jersey Maternity Photographer – Ideas on locations.

October is officially here and many pregnant moms calling me right now and looking for ideas to do their MaternityView full post »

New Jersey Maternity Photographer – Studio Shots

Everyone always asking me when I became the photographer. My first client came in December of 2004. I have beenView full post »

New Jersey Maternity Photographer – New Product

I haven’t been on the computer as much, opening a new studio in Metuchen New Jersey. I will write more about itView full post »

New Jersey Maternity Photographer – Best Gift

It is already August, time flies so fast nowadays. I had multiple people calling me about gift certificates for theirView full post »

New Jersey Maternity Photographer – Be Prepared

Congratulations on your pregnancy! It doesn’t matter if this is your first or fourth, being pregnant is veryView full post »

New Jersey Maternity Photographer – Maternity Portraits

While the weather is terrible here, I wanted to show you one of my old maternity portrait session. I just love the wayView full post »

New Jersey Pregnancy Photographer – Studio is not necessary

As a pregnancy photographer, I am always asked about where is the best location to have maternity portraits done.  IView full post »

New Jersey Maternity Photographer – I am bragging, can I?

I have been Maternity Photographer in Central New Jersey for the past 14 years. What I love about maternityView full post »



The incredible experience of maternity photography: A walk through

Pregnancy, the beginning of motherhood, is no doubt one of the most magical and cherished periods of a woman’s life. During the 40 weeks of maternity, women go through a life changing phase. Documenting these moments is a great idea. If you’re thinking of something extraordinary, try professional pregnancy photography. You will never regret it if you do it.

You will definitely regret it if you don’t. Maria is a highly qualified pregnancy photographer. She has been a maternity photographer for over seven years, delivering artistic portraits of future moms to be. Reflecting the intense love and excitement during pregnancy is a must. Maria is dedicated to exquisitely paint the natural glow, the voluptuous curves of pregnancy, and the feeling that only a pregnant woman can experience. The ultimate goal is to focus on the bliss of future motherhood, and the magical bond between the mother and her future baby.

The taste varies from person to person. Some want raw emotions to reflect through naked or half naked poses, others want more conventional poses showing grace and eternal love. The typical convenient period for maternity photography is within the 32nd pregnancy. But, the shoot can take place at any time, according to the client’s wishes. You can either go for a studio shoot, a shoot at your own home, or an outdoor lifestyle shooting.

At first, we can talk about what the client wants, and what to expect during the shoot. We will also discuss what clothing and/or accessories she should bring, to capture the look she wants. If you’re a New Jersey inhabitant and looking for expertise, then contact Maria Manjelo. This New Jersey maternity photographer will deliver perfection, putting her invaluable skills and experience into use.

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