Senior Prom Photography

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Insight into the process of Seniors Photography

The tradition of senior photography goes way back, but the trend of professional fine art photo sessions is new. High school seniors these days plan exclusive photo shoot sessions for yearbooks, prom and other purposes. Everyone wants to do something unique and attractive. So, the pressure is on. Also, as it is the last chance of making an impression, everyone gets busy in showing off achievements, abilities, sports, hobbies and other stuff.

The seniors photographers are professionals, bringing in their expertise to visualize the subject’s character and personality into the portraits for a deeper impact. At the consultation meetings, the parents are usually present. The shooting location is chosen based on the demand or specialness to the client. Music can be played to make the model more comfortable to the set. There are different kinds of settings, such as- on horseback, snowboarding, rock climbing, and others according to the client’s taste. The photographers have to get to know the client to perform a shoot reflecting the inner self of the client.

Also, during prom, seniors now prefer artistic prom photography done by professionals, instead of buddies snapping photos on camera phones.

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