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New Jersey Event Photographer – Small Wedding

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New Jersey Engagement Photography – A memory photos before I do.

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New Jersey Wedding Photographer – Some suggestions

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New Jersey Wedding Photographer – Small Wedding

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New Jersey Wedding Photographer – Client’s Statement.

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New Jersey Wedding Photographer – Small Jersey Wedding

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Your Event Photographer is an Artist

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New Jersey Budget Wedding Photographer – at Delaware River

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Wedding Photography for a small weddings.

I love small weddings, it’s such a pleasure to capture them even they may not have as much decorations and amountView full post »





Fine Art Wedding Photography: Not a trend, but a Necessity

Weddings are special and for only once in life. This magical day celebrates the marriage of two love birds beginning a new life. So it’s natural that weddings are full of emotions- nervousness, suspense, hope, joy and love.

Also, weddings are about details. From the venue to the bride’s dress, everything has to be perfect. Obviously, the married couple wants to document every single piece of their ceremony with precision and style. That’s where a professional wedding photographer comes in.

The wedding photographers have to be extremely attentive to details. He must get acquainted with the venue first, as often ceremonies are held in places carrying sentimental values to the bride or the groom. Then, you have the reception, decorations, flower arrangements, cakes and other stuff. They have to cover everything with perfection.

Of course, there’s the bride. Bridal photography is another tricky task as the photographer has to shoot portraits visualizing the bride’s personality and taste. The bridesmaids, guests, little kids and the parents from both sides- all of them are emotional and the photographer has to be well aware of the situations and mood of these people to get best shots possible.

Maria Manjelo is the best available if you’re looking for a New Jersey Wedding photography specialist. She offers top notch camera works ensuring your highest satisfaction.

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