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East Brunswick Event Photographer – Sweet 16

Sweet 16 is probably the best party that kids now days enjoy then we ever did. What can be better than bunch of your friends all dressed up and parents paying for the event. DJ, lights, great food and most important fun!  This gorges girl Taylor should be a model and I was lucky enough to capture her crazy party. It started with the bang! As soon I showed up , they had already about 20 people waiting to take their pictures. Family, friends and family’s friends were all there waiting on you to take photos,  it can get a little overwhelming. I have a list in my head what I would like to capture , what I need to capture and what I love to capture.  Taylor was superb, she never declined me.  I understand that people want to have fun and have a photographer dissolved  in the crowd of people and  then bring you breathtaking photographs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that all the time!  We have to pose people sometimes and in a certain way because people just don’t always stand perfect next to each other during a conversation.  So I was glad that everyone went with the flow. I am happy to do Event Photography once in awhile, it allows me to get away from usual studio sessions and also pushes me to get out  more often.  I love to do Events, I have been in beautiful places that probably my self would never end up  going. Enjoy the photos, if you have a teenager and you want to capture something great with them, just click on contact and  we can meet.


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