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East Windsor New Jersey Children Photographer – Cake Smashing

Meet our handsome yet serious guy named Hunter!  His mom was a referral from one of my oldest clients.  Hunter wasn’t  enthusiastic as we hoped he would be for smashing his cake. Few times we had to help him  with the cake.  Hunter is one of those kids which  icing wasn’t his favorite but he enjoyed the center. The cake looked amazing , it was a jungle theme. The birthday boy even tried to feed his animals, since he is kind and it was just too much of the cake just for him.

Here are some tips on the cakes for you if you are thinking about to do the cake smashing session for your child.

  1. Don’t go crazy  with the cake! Its just for the photos keep it simple and small size.
  2. Details on the cake  are not necessary but if you want some ,better to do them on the sides then on top.
  3. Dress your child in something simple or washable clothes, remember it can get very messy, dry cleaners will not be happy.
  4. You can have balloons and toys and everything else. Having a  theme will make photos look even better!
  5. Ask bakery to use natural dies, so its easier for us to clean.
  6. Ask your photographer for the backgrounds, they don’t have to be birthday backgrounds.

Children Photography is fun to do when your child is happy. Consider those good hours when your child isn’t sleepy or hungry and only ready to play and be happy. For photographing your child all photographer needs is one hour. Be prepared for any accidents so diapers, wipes and extra clothes should be either packed with you to the studio or close by at your home.  Please bring extra drinks since most of the cakes are very sweet.

If you interested to set up your either Children Photography Session or Cake Smashing Session  email me : maria@mariamanjelo.com or click on Contacts and leave your information. I hope to see you soon.

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