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Metuchen Photographer – Reflecting on 2017

As Metuchen Photographer, I meet people all the time and this year, I noticed that everyone wanted to tell me how hard or bizarre 2017 was and it will stick in their memories for sure.  I can say that I am one of them. Yesterday, I saw one person that said that nothing major has happened in his life and it was the same year as any other. For me, it was a major year! I had to lose my uncle, not through the fault of his own, made me fall in love with photographs and also a year of soul searching and collecting enough strength to push my self to get a studio of my dreams. So losing beloved uncle made me realize that he is only 16 years older than me and what if in 16 years I die? It’s in my genes, early death has been running for my family for the past century.No one ever saw their 80th birthday.I started questioning myself with the same question: What have I done for my self and my soul? I don’t want to regret it on my death bed,  I never pushed my self-hard enough and I was very scared. All I can say that everyone was optimistic about it, I am not sure how much they believe in me and only one person asked me why would I open the studio when everyone is closing it.  I decided that I need to do this and even if I will fail at this at least I tried. 2017 was a very special year for me, I photographed more High School Seniors, Class of 2017 and Teenagers, I also had more Professional Headshots done since I opened the studio and more Glamour Portraits and First Birthday Portraits and Maternity Photography was more creative. Plenty of Family Portraits throughout the year and during Holidays. I very thank full for this year. It made me bold enough to push myself to reach out to my dreams and stop being scared of failing. It also made me realize that we are not here forever and we need to start doing this now because no one promising you tomorrow. Here is the Year in Review of 2017.

Metuchen Photographer

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