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New Jersey Family Photographer – Perfect Family Photo Session

Who knew that at the end of February we will receive some beautiful, warm weather.  Spring is almost here anyway and by the time we realize it will be summer. The weather is getting better and as a New Jersey Family Photographer it means that season is coming for Family Portraits. Many people start calling me about family sessions with many questions, about clothes and about perfect time.  So here are few points for your next family session.


I placed a photo above that will help you understand what colors you can use for your session. These types of ideas and samples with more details you can find on Pinterest.  If you type: ideas for the photo session, multiple examples will come up, choose the one that is favorite colors and looks great on your skin. It’s not necessary to do just white and black anymore, besides white shirts create a highlight around people’s face and I would never recommend wearing white unless it’s very cloudy outside or it’s your wedding.

Here are some samples of my latest photo sessions where we used colors. Even though many of them are more of holiday theme, you can do photos for spring or summer and where more appropriate colors for those seasons.

Here are some spring and summer photos



Spring and Summer not also bring beautiful weather but also longer days. The best time photograph a family with small kids are in the morning between 8-10, this is when kids are most active and much happier then in afternoon but if you do have small children best way to go around is by following their schedule. I don’t recommend a timing your session one hour prior the baby’s nap. If you have older kids you can do a great session in afternoon. Usually, I suggest after 4 but during summer solstice I recommend even go around 7 since the light is perfect even that late.

If you have a larger family, it’s usually difficult to do. Getting everyone together is not easy, keep them focused one a reason why you are doing this. Is this a tradition in your family or was it tradition all the time. Some people do it because their parents and great parents getting older or a serious illness came up in the family. I had families doing it because older children live in different countries and everyone together here at once.  Everyone have their own reasons but try not to take everything closer to your heart if you are trying to manage to get everyone together.  Don’t feel bad about your family member misbehaving, I have seen some teenagers or husbands not wanting to be there with the family but usually, people are great. Here are some samples of large groups. One good thing I noticed is that if the whole family goes out to eat after the session, they are usually much happier or during a session.

I hope this will help you to make decisions, if you would like to set up your great family session please email me maria@mariamanjelo.com

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