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New Jersey Maternity Photographer – Another great maternity photo session

Maternity Photography Session.

Another hot day outside for us and I am sitting and working on maternity photographs. As a maternity photographer I just enjoy to treat women well at that stage of their pregnancy when they soon become mothers and have no time for anything. Maternity photography session is not just to capture that important moment of a woman’s life but also its kind of a last beauty treatment for her right before she will become a mother. First year is a big change in woman’s life, its not the easiest time especially the first few months. So every woman deserves to get pretty and have fun  for couple of hours and express their confidence and show their beauty. Photo session is the best way to do it, it gets recorded for the rest of your life and for your children’s also.

Oh Memories.

When I was little I always wanted to see my mom’s photos when she was pregnant with me. Back then women didn’t get photographed with their bellies, it was really not the most celebrated time until a baby came out and  was healthy with no complications. Today , its a different story! I have been photographing pregnant women over a decade and had all year long customers of just pregnant women. I feel as this is my call in life and I hope , I will make the other children happy when they see their mommy’s belly and appreciate it and feel special. Children love to know that they were celebrated and someone hoped and waited for them to be born to this world. Children love to be loved!

My beautiful Mom-to-be.

This is Anitha, she called me and quickly set up a photo session with me, because she was too close to her due date. I came with my fabulous make up and hair girl, Destiny. She curled her hair and made a natural make up and I have a proof of before and after. Many ladies don’t like to take before and after photo but this helps next customer to understand what we do.

Our session went nice and smooth, we did photos in her kitchen and also at the baby’s room. The dress that Anitha liked is one of maternity dresses I have. I will update you when we will meet , since her husband was away for two weeks. We been waiting for him to  do the Reveal. I will do the video on my next blog, so you can see how the reveal goes. If you have questions please call me and we can set up a meeting. I can show you products and photos. New Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity PhotographerMaternity PhotographerMaternity PhotographerMaternity PhotographerMaternity PhotographyMaternity PhotographyMaternity PhotographyMaternity PhotographyNew Jersey Maternity Photography

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