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New Jersey Maternity Photographer – Sometimes less is more.

I am a contemporary, classy style with sophisticated twist New Jersey Maternity Photographer.  One of my inspiration is, Vanity Fair magazine, even though women usually wear glamor dresses they also seem have fewer things around them.  Their backgrounds are pretty plain or classy canvases which been used for many decades.  I also love sometimes to do photo sessions outside, to bring our beautiful nature to the photographs and exhibit stunning backgrounds. I also feel passionate for a plain wall with a beautiful natural or studio lights. It allows me to place focus on my subject and not allowing the viewers to get distracted by the background. Less can definitely be more and I am a minimalist in many of my work, as you can see from my prior maternity sessions, many of portrait sessions are done next to a plain background and it becomes a thing for me sometimes when I continuously just work this way. This is the hardest work in photography because you have to create great poses and make clients comfortable enough so they don’t look too posed and staged.

Maternity Photography has been very popular since Demi Moore on Vanity Fair,  standing totally naked with a huge diamond ring, hugging her breasts and her belly. This iconic pose is now definitely a signature pose for many maternity portrait session. It seems very easy to create but not many women are comfortable to do it and I am not even talking about standing naked in front of the camera. I always tell my customers that photography involves a little theatrical play. You have to pretend in your mind that you are someone else for that moment, You can become the actress that you always wished to be or a super model or even a Goddes or a powerful woman. Anything to distract your vulnerable, shy and insecure self for a certain time that will forget to act out. Getting photographed by a professional photographer is almost a phycological, self-conversion that you force yourself to go through.  It’s not easy to open your inner self in front of a photographer and in front of the camera and allow your inner, raw soul be captured for our history.

To make it easy for my client to be their best in their session,  I request my client to meet with me prior, have a consultation about their session.  It helps to get more comfortable with me later on and also mentally will get you prepared for your professional photo shoot. I am not a photographer that just started photographing and have no idea how to work my camera or how to pose a person. If you are interested in receiving contemporary, gorgeous, beautifully sophisticated, and class photos, you can click on contact and leave your information and I will contact you asap. Here is my recent maternity photo session, I would like to show you how a couple with the plain background can create beautiful photos by showing passion to each other. New Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity Photographer

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