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New Jersey Maternity Photographer – How it works

As a New Jersey Maternity Photographer, I always being asked how everything works step by step. Here I want to listen to suggestions and what you have to do prior your maternity photography session.  The first step is please don’t wait until your due date to do your maternity photo session. I suggest to come in prior your 36th week of gestation, the reason is that baby drops around that time and gains more weight and it becomes very uncomfortable for the woman.  Mothers tend to start having pains around their lowers backs and belly and everything becomes very unbearable. Maternity photography session supposes to be fun and we don’t want you to look uncomfortable and in pain. So please don’t wait and I suggest to start calling around 30th week to set up your session.

After you call to talk about your session, I usually ask customers to meet with me. Yes, we live in the world where everything is now and instant but we are still in the world where your senses are important.  It will help you make a better decision by seeing, touching my products, it also will help you to understand how I work and if we have a great chemistry because it’s also important to create great photos.  We also brainstorm on the ideas and kind of programming what we will do for your session, example what clothes, makeup, hair and locations of your session. I also suggest and show you my photos so you can see what I do, this will help visualize your session and how it will be captured. So after the meeting, we set up the appointment for your session.

Our next step is to create your beautiful photos. As of today, many of my sessions are made outside and at customer’s home. I am looking for a studio but I haven’t found the best location. My hair and makeup person help us to achieve your best look. We do specific looks that are more natural and elegant for the pregnant women. The hair usually is made with big waves if you have long hair or adding volume to your style if it looks too flat.  We are looking for a soft look because we are using dramatic maternity dresses for the session and we need a mother to look lovely and soft and feminine. Enhancing your eyes and lips can create a great before and after look.


After your maternity photography session, I show your photos printed in beautiful 11×14 size mats and you can pick as many as you like. I am not a photographer that just gives you a CD and tells you to go and print them yourself. I feel that doing something like this, I am doing only half of my work. Actually all that stuff prior shouldn’t even be part of my job, my job is to create and print and present you a beautiful, artistic work that you and your family can cherish for many decades. I give digital version but it comes only with print. A good quality print is for you to have and understand that experience is not just getting your makeup and hair and wear dramatic dresses but also in having a good quality photograph.






New Jersey Maternity Photographer

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