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As a New Jersey Portrait Photographer, I am facing a difficult road lately with folks not understanding the importance of prints. People calling not even asking what I am providing and just asking for a price, maybe because they used to the idea of just receiving a disk with digital files. I think it’s very unprofessional of photographers to do that, customers ask because they don’t know it better. Now there is movement is going on and pictures are coming back, it’s coming back for a good reason.As a portrait photographer, I can guarantee you that your album or prints will only last more than fifty years, only of course if you will take care of them and not hide it in basement or attic. When you purchasing your photos, you are not just purchasing photographs for your self but you solely investing it for your next generation. I can’t guarantee you that when I give you disk because I don’t know if you print all the photographs and I don’t know how long the disks will last since the technology is always moving forward. If you are trusting some Cloud with your family history, just try to remember any websites that used to exist twenty years ago. The print is your guarantee and if you don’t understand it then you are not ready to have professional photographs done by a professional.

Here is one of my favorite and long time, loyal client Margarita. This young woman understands the importance of family portraits. She has been doing photographs every year and we do albums for her every time. I told her that I wish people would understand the importance of the photos, especially prints. People now days just want to take photos , so they can put them online. Now many photographers giving web only size portraits on a disk. It means they can’t even print them. People in a couple of years will realize that they will miss a couple of years of their child’s life and their own when all of this slowly will move away from our everyday life.

If you are interested in family photographs, please call me for consultation and we can talk about the location, the timing, the clothing and styling of your photographs. You can view and touch my products and look through the photographs. Here are the recent photographs of Margarita’s precious family. Your family and your generation deserve it, don’t you think?New Jersey Family PhotographerNew Jersey Family PhotographerNew Jersey Family PhotographerNew Jersey Family PhotographerNew Jersey Family PhotographerNew Jersey Family PhotographerNew Jersey Family PhotographerNew Jersey Family Photographer


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