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New Jersey Portrait Photographer – For your pleasure and experience!

I have been talking about new things that I am going to do this year. Portrait Photography is coming back to my life. I always loved being a portrait photographer but I got so busy  with my customers and realized that I didn’t do enough marketing to invite portrait customers back.  What am I doing different this year, you may ask?  I am getting a hair and makeup talented lady for you and make you look stunning and gorgeous.  We will give you a great experience and make you fall in love with yourself again! Just bring five outfits of your choice and accessories. All we need from you is to come with your mom or your friend or your sister so both of you can enjoy couple of hours of just fun. Oh and we have to do before shot of you so you can feel and see a difference.

So for you to get an idea of what a big change it can be, here is what I did with my make up artist.  Book for weekend  just let me know on the date and time. Portrait Photographer

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