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New Jersey Portrait Photographer – Voucher just for you!

Are you interested to do some artistic, beautiful portrait photographs of yourself?  Do you want to exist in photos for your children? Do you want your children remember you and how beautiful you are . Lets freeze this moment for ever!  Stop hiding behind a camera and only take photos of your children. You have to exist in those photos for your family, and be  cherish too.  You are important member of your family and you have to be in portrait photographs too.

Portrait  Photographer

As a portrait photographer I want to help you  and move you from behind the camera to the front . Take this voucher and use it on your self or you can bring your own mother and make something special for both of you. You may also bring your teenage daughter and have a photo session that you both may appreciate it.  Or better yet, bring your girlfriends and do few group shots and also each individual photo session.  It can’t be better then receiving a beautiful make up and hair and change to four to five outfits and take stunning portraits.  Later you can take you husband and go out and make that day special just for you because you are a special person. You are a rock of the family and everything  build around your family is because of you.

Investment in your self is investment in a happier family. You are worth it.


The process

The steps you have to make. Please print this out and call me for appointment. We will go through what type of session you would like to do.We also can set up a time and a date. Expect to do it in the morning or during a day so you will have time to  do other things. We need extra hour for make up and hair and one hour for your session.  Four to five outfits with accessories we will create by using your clothes.

After your session I will meet with you in couple of weeks and show you a ” Reveal” , where the best twenty photos will be revealed to you, already printed in stunning 11 x 14 mats. You can pick as many you would like. Your voucher gives you $100 on any  saving packages.

I’m excited to show you that you can be noticeable again, by your husband and your children and see that you are a stunning , kind and beautiful woman behind the ever day clothes. So let’s begin! New Jersey Portrait PhotographerNew Jersey Portrait Photographer

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