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How it all started

Meet Nina, our daughters went to the same day care in New Jersey, and now they are little besties. She was looking for a portrait photographer and asked me to do a glamour session for her. It’s always fun for me to do them and I couldn’t say no. I called up Destini (makeup and hair fair) to help me create a beautiful photos. Even though I tried to film this , my camera shake killed my perfect videos. I guess next time I have to hire a professional videographer.  As a portrait photographer,  session like this is what I love to do.

Native Americans don’t take many photos because they believe when you are being photographed, a part of your soul is taken away. I think the photographer’s piece of soul is also taken away.When I do portraits of adults I tend to fall in a trance that I can’t explain. Anything that can be in my mind all day  or even a pain in my body just disappears during the session. When the session ends, a lot of times I can barely get home from this physical exhaustion. I really enjoy taking photos of people, just knowing that I am capturing this moment for the rest of your live. Your grandchildren will see your photos, we both maybe gone but I captured you for your generations to come. Isn’t that special?

The Joy

It’s always a plus when people are comfortable and love to take photos. To learn to be more open for the camera it takes practice.  To get that kind of practice you have to hire photographer more often and enjoy the photo sessions. Don’t just hire a photographer for your wedding, you have plenty of special events in your life to be captured by a pro. Your beautiful, stunning twenties, or your youthful prom. Your graduation from college or  having special friends who teach you to become who you are. Maybe that first love or high school sweetheart or your beautiful photos with your mother. None of this lasts for ever and none of this lasts in our memory. You have to exist for yourself and for others. You have to be there in the photos so you are remembered. Don’t be a fatigue memory.

Take a look

I’m placing these two photos just to show you  how we create looks. This look was a little sexy and dark and magical. To get your right look I first always ask people to meet with me.  We talk about how you want to be photographed. What attracted you to my work and how do you want to see your self. We talk about the places we can shoot and what type of clothes and outfits we need.  We talk about products, how you want your photo to be expressed. Now, printed photographs are tangible. As a photographer I will just be ashamed to send you only with a usb drive or a dvd  on the way to nowhere. I value my work and I place value on my photographs. Everything you purchase comes in a print and digital.  Please don’t ask me for just digital format to save couple of bucks. You will never print anything and probably lose that dvd.

If you are ready for a new experience and you are ready to receive a great, excited reward for it. Give me  a call and invite me for a cup of coffee. portrait photographer


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