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New Jersey Maternity Photography – First viewing

Today I had  had a first viewing for my customer. Well, I had some viewings before but this time I made it more special. I purchased a folio box and placed 20 photos in individual mats and showed them to my client. So a month ago , Shella  asked me to come in  with Destini (my makeup and hair person). We did a photoshoot at her place  for her maternity photography. First I took a picture before and then I let Destini do her magic. She did a beautiful natural make up and created a loose up do. Today,  I came back and showed Shella  all her photos. She already had her beautiful baby and I was glad to meet him and I am always happy to see my clients again.

Shella is such a beautiful and stunning woman, it’s always easy and pleasure to photograph beautiful people like her. No matter what angle and no matter what pose , it always comes out great. So not to make her life any more harder, I picked the best 20 photographs and send to my editor. Trust me , it wasn’t easy to pick the best 20 of a woman that is pregnant and in a great shape and looks awesome in all of them.  It took me a while to sort from good 70 to great  40 to the best 20. It was tough but I managed to pick and printed them and made this presentation for her.

So here is step by step of what we did:

The first photo was of her before shot and afters during her maternity session. This is what Destini and I created!  I love plants and I planted a lilac by my house. It was blooming on first days of May and I took the large flower to use it for our session. I am glad I did. Look how beautiful it came out.

New Jersey Maternity Photography

This is how I printed them and placed in individual mats. The black folio box can keep up to 20 prints like this. If you pick from ten to 20 you receive the folio box. Its a great way to keep your beautiful photos on your coffee table or in the book case.

New Jersey Maternity Photography

This is how they look inside the box.
Maternity PhotographyNew Jersey Maternity Photographer

I am at Shellas place and she is looking through them. Sorry for the quality photo, I was taking it with my phone.

Maternity PhotographyNew Jersey Maternity PhotographyNew Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity Photographer

She picked her favorite photos and I am glad she picked it. Her original ideas was just to have two of them. Showing best twenty made her pick even more.

If you are interested to create something beautiful and stunning from your maternity photography session, please email me or call me. I would love to meet with you prior and create something unforgettable with you.


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