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Wedding Photography for a small weddings.

I love small weddings, it’s such a pleasure to capture them even they may not have as much decorations and amount of flowers or even the capacity of big halls and beautiful stare cases. They do definitely have the close and warm feeling that you won’t receive from big extravagant weddings. Also less pressure for the bride and groom and everyone seems more calm. I shot big weddings by my self and with other wedding photographer and I noticed that small weddings are actually harder to capture because time wise it’s much shorter. The biggest task to create something more special  with few options. Wedding photography is not for everyone, you constantly thinking of how to create something new, creative and nice. I would like to share few weddings I just did this past two months. I am not crazy about shooting in a cold since my fingers do freeze quickly. I did  how ever enjoyed taking photos of this particular couple. She is just stunning and her dress was so beautiful. Everything was elegant and with taste. Even though they were married at home and had reception in a small place. Their request was to take photos some where with nice buildings. The only place that I could think of was Princeton University in New Jersey.

The bride was shy and didn’t want to go down the streets where to many people walked around but we were lucky with the timing. It was right after Christmas and the university was closed. People were still outside and everyone stopped to look at our beautiful bride and everyone congratulated them. Here are some samples of what we came up with. I hope you will like them. Every one of this pictures were created in natural light.


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