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Children Photography – 3 months stage


Babies are perfect in any stage. Lately I have been capturing newborns (1-6 weeks) than any other stage. Recently a referral called and needed children photography done before leaving the States. I didn’t hesitate to take them and always ready to help people.

I invited them and hoping that the baby is in a good mood. It’s always a 50/50 chance. I quickly set up for her and talked to the clients on what they would like to do. We don’t have too much time. A 3 months old baby usually has maximum patience for about 60 minutes and it’s with few short stop in between.

Gia, this beautiful baby girl that was brought in and she was so perfect. She reminded me how much I love to photograph a three months old. Babies in this stage can hold their heads but not ready to sit. They tend to have the chubbiest cheeks and the sweetest smiles. You can still fit them in many baskets or boxes but they need lots of prepping for their backs. They are very curious but not old enough to crawl or better yet run away from the set.

So looking through Gia’s pictures, I hope she would change your mind.  If you were ever unsure on taking photographs of your little baby, be patient and calm, bring extra bottle of warm milk and few outfits and try it out.  You would never think that we can create something so adorable together.

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