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Headshot Photography – Business portrait suggestions.


Headshot photography is always needed by all kinds of people. From owners of businesses for their websites and blogs and business cards to students for a  job applications. Let’s not forget of course the models and actors. Since everyone now days one way or another, do need their head shots done. I have a suggestion list that I mentally created by seeing all types of people I work with.  If you come for your head shots to me, please follow this list. You will be much happier with the results.

My first suggestion is please take this as serious as you will take anything else in life. Remember this photo is for something that will be used and seen by many people. If this is for website, it will be seen by clients of your company, if its individual business cards it’s for your potential customers. Maybe it’s for the acting and modeling, this photo will either open a door to your career and will close it shut.

So, what do you have to do to take it serious?

Go to your closet and pull out the best clothes out. It has to be nice and clean and it should make you look sharp. If the suit is small or too big, go rent one. If the shirt is too old or different color than what you have purchased long time ago. Go purchase one or starch it.  You have to look your best for your head shot even if the picture will be from your shoulders up.

Second suggestion is, please take care of your hair.

You shouldn’t think about it five minutes prior to the session but at least a week prior. If you need a hair color to cover your roots or your gray hair, please call your hairdresser and make appointment. Yes this is not becoming session only fee for you but you are about to represent someone or even if you do it for yourself. I am going back to the same sentence. You have to look your best. Men please get a haircut at least a week before your session. It doesn’t have to be to short just ask a neat and a little crop.

Ladies you don’t have to do a hair style that you have never done before but even a wash and blow out at a nearby salon is a big plus.

I hope I didn’t sound like an angry photographer. Photographers can make you look beautiful but magic is also in your hands. To have beautiful photos you have to be in your best clothes. With Photoshop we can always take things away but we want you to look natural and real too. Here is some example of minimal touch up but effort from some of my best clients.

P.S. always bring your best smile.

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