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My love for Maternity Photography


You can call it maternity photography or pregnancy photography; either way this is my favorite type of photography that started my career. You know maybe twenty years ago it wasn’t as popular as it is today. I am surprised when some women decided not to do it because they see themselves unfaltering or have issues with the big belly. My view on this is, You don’t get pregnant often, let’s capture it. There is some truth about this statement; average women have two babies. Also kids love to see pictures of their moms when they were pregnant. It makes them feel special, when they see their mom happy holding a belly and they know they were in that belly.

It very special thing to do and it’s a very special thing for me to capture. You feel love in the air. It doesn’t matter what style you want to do, sweet, elegant, sexy or funny as long as you do it.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and special time for a woman, not everyone can experience it. You have to take this opportunity and enjoy it even if its hard on you. I suggest then try to take your photos around 7th month right before you hit your 36th week.

I picked some different pregnancy photos that I created for my ladies. Just to give you the idea of how you can go ahead about it.

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