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Metuchen Maternity Photographer-East Brunswick Clients (Small World)

I was East Brunswick Photographer for the past 10 years. I worked from my home, had my studio at home and then moved to Metuchen and rented out the studio from a great photographer. As a now Metuchen Maternity Photographer, I was receiving clients from all over New Jersey, my biggest market in North Jersey and Central Jersey, but living in a city of 30,000 people, I barely received customers from my own town. East Brunswick is a very difficult town to succeed, I can’t figure out where the local’s shop, eat or spend their money since moms and pops shops never survived in our town and even big names like Staples or Gap couldn’t do it either. I was definitely glad to see customers that at least both worked from East Brunswick and also live here.

Last week, I had a client stopping by for the consultation, during the consultation we talked about ideas, trying out my maternity dresses, also I showed my work and my products. It’s easier for people to understand what types of albums I am talking about when they can actually look through them and feel the pages as they turn or even check out the different covers. It’s hard to explain to customers over the phone what a 20×30 canvas looks like or what size is 11×14 of mats, so if the client is serious about meeting me, I ask them to come for consultation. Consultation helps us both to see how we can work together, what we can create together and what homework my client has to do to achieve beautiful photos.

During the consultation, I found out that client’s husband is a manager of the dealership where I got my minivan and he helped me with my paperwork. Who knew that one day, it will come around and I would have to help him with his beautiful family portraits. They were wonderful and listened to me. It’s all about colors now, I give my clients some homework prior to the sessions so they can match their style and clothes to my dresses. We had a great, fun session and their daughter was so good that I asked her to be my Spring model for Spring 2018.

If you are pregnant and don’t know where to start, just call me and ask for your consultation. I will help you out with the ideas and beautiful photographs.


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