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Metuchen Boudoir Photographer- Something Special for yourself.

I recently met a stunning woman who just turned 43 and wanted to do some Valentine’s Day/Birthday photographs of her self. She totally understood the reason why she did this and I was eager to create something beautiful for her. She showed me photographs that she has done ten years ago at some studio at the mall and I assured her that we, can do some much better! Metuchen Boudoir photographer isn’t always about photographing but also almost being a psychologist. Not every woman is mentally ready to be photographed sexy, it doesn’t matter if she has clothes on or not. Women create mental barriers for themselves, it can be as simple as the age number to “unattractive” body part or just the whole idea if someday, they will be humiliated for photographs that were done decades ago.  To all those barriers I have a solution. Age number is just a number and with hair and makeup included in the session, the appropriate style and a big help from our editor, we will take all your problems away. For unattractive body parts, I also have almost the same solution, the editor with her magic hands, the particular angles and poses on my part, we can exclude or hide your problems. For the third problem of “humiliation”, well we live in the era right now that everything is normal but I also can help by creating photos with taste and class. You don’t have to be in awkward poses and be naked to have beautiful yet sexy photos of you.

This is what I did for Yenny, she is still beautiful and looks young for her age but we wanted to keep it classy and sexy for her. When she came back to pick up her folio box with best 20 images of her, she told me that she showed her photos to her friends and compared the once we did of her and the one she got from the mall. She said, what I think was most important is,  she felt special that day, the hair and makeup were done for her, the whole 4 hours were just about her and she wasn’t worrying someone to come in and constantly bothering us. We locked the doors and closed all the windows, I purchase some champaign and made her mimosas and brought chocolate cookies for her. She also said that her photos now look more professional than the one she did in studio ten years ago. So, if you are looking for something special and ready to feel a great experience and be pampered for one day, call me for your consultation. We are ready to help you to experience something different and you will leave with photos that will last you for a very long time and remind you how beautiful the day was.

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