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Metuchen New Jersey Maternity Photographer – Most popular package

I worked as Metuchen New Jersey Maternity Photographer for about 10 years for sure but I also worked from my home in East Brunswick New Jersey for another 5 years. Every year,  I add or subtract some products. This helps me to understand what clients like and what they really don’t care about.  Mommy and Baby package was created about 10 years ago when my pregnant moms wanted to come back with their babies and I started photographing newborns.  My love for photography grew from an early age because I just loved to look at portraits of my ancestors.  Printed photographs were the main reason why I could see the photographs of my great great-father who died before I was even born. If it wasn’t printed, I have no idea how I would able to see his face.  And I continue this tradition with my clients, I give my clients prints first and then I can give you the digitals. I want my clients to see how the printed photograph should look. I am trying to teach my clients that love for photography starts from a great print.

I didn’t want my clients who were overwhelmed with the new baby, force them to be print-experts and run around and print small little prints of their child. My decision was quick but it took a while for me to find a great album company that would do it for me. I wanted baby pink cover for the girl and baby blue cover for the boy. I wanted to do two sessions that would include a baby album. To make it even more special, we added couple front pages with maternity photographs. So the baby had to be brought back to me around first two weeks for the album to look good. I also decided to give two large prints so people can hang them on the wall.

Back then, the majority of album companies were selling black, brown, tan, white covers and maroon with navy blue because the majority of photographers were either doing weddings or events like Bar/Bat Mitzvah. I searched the album companies based on if they had pink and blue covers. I found one company Maxim Albums in Chicago who specialized in children albums and I worked with them for a long time. Unfortanelly, they closed the business when digital albums started coming out and too many competitions opened up. I had to start looking for another company to do my albums. I was fortunate enough to find the company Pictobooks in Maryland and I have been their client since 2007. They still doing baby pink and baby blue covers and they are doing beautifully monograms, the album is 10×10 size and you can pick from 45-50 photographs. It’s a wonderful way to start your new family. We create two sessions, first the Maternity Photo session and then Newborn photo session. Over the years I also added makeup and hair service and also maternity dresses and it’s still my most popular package. It allows clients to see how I work and they are even more comfortable to come back and take photographs of their newborn little baby. Here are some photographs of my recent Mommy and Baby package. Here the client wanted to use the Cobalt cover, it’s beautiful shiny blue color and a little thicker than the regular baby blue. I just want you to see how wonderful it looks.

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