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Metuchen Maternity Photographer – I can’t believe this.

I am truly shocked what I have been hearing lately. I have been Metuchen Maternity Photographer for decades and it was always my passion and I loved to photograph women when they are pregnant. This is the only time when they don’t worry about their arms or stomach or hips since I am also providing them beautiful dresses to wear which are specifically made for maternity mothers, the dresses are making their curves to be even curvier and women look more angelic. Almost like from the 15-century paintings when women were thought as Goddes and always prayed up to.

Recently I receive very disturbing calls from potential clients, they know all about newborn sessions but know nothing about maternity sessions and some photographers, to lure them in are throwing maternity photo session as a mini shoot just to get the clients in the door. What!!!!!!! Maternity Photography is the art by its own. How dare them to smudge that part of the field as nothing. I purchase dresses for maternity photography, I get them in different cuts and sizes and color to match the seasons. I hire makeup and hair girl to help achieve a beautiful look for my clients. We do all types of poses and in different clothes to create unique, beautiful once in a lifetime portraits. How dare they just make it so simple and an almost free session that they don’t appreciate because all they want to do is newborn session.

If your newborn photographer hates to do maternity sessions, come to me. I will do them with joy, pride and give all my energy to your session. To me, its a celebration of life, you are creating something inside of you, a human being. You are glowing and beautiful and different at this stage, you are sensitive to smells and touch and feelings, you are not usual you these 9 months because you are connecting to your child and you are also his protector.

So many women now days have problems getting pregnant because they waited too long and I am starting thinking that those pregnancy pills are not helping them either when you do get pregnant is a blessing. You are blessed, yet no one tells you that and you wait for 9 months to have that baby and don’t create anything beautiful for yourself. That baby is born and your entire different life has started and then maybe then you are realizing that you were dumb for not doing your maternity photo session and you wished someone would push you to do it. I am pushing you to do it now, go ahead and celebrate your self for it and go and take your maternity pictures.Metuchen Maternity Photographer

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