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Metuchen Photographer – Everyone has a story to tell, let me capture yours

As a Metuchen Photographer in New Jersey it’s tough, so many people live in one state and so many want to share their story but don’t know how. Everyone has a story and it can be a good or bad but it’s a story. Portraits are the chapters of your story, when you look at your photographs your mind start to scan any good or bad memories about that time, the look of the place or a room or a feeling is returning to you in a very fade almost fogy way. Our brain loves to bring us back to our past.

I am your storyteller, I am your historian, I photograph you and give you the print. Your image is created and is here on earth, you may be gone soon but your image will stay with your family and friends. Every time they will look at your portrait, they will smile, it may be a smile of how much they miss you or they will get nostalgic about the simpler time, or about the past or just they know you are not here anymore.  It sounds all depressing and I don’t want you to just get photographed because of you may pass some day, I want you to be photographed because you are here now, this moment and we should celebrate it.

Everyone has a story to tell, let me capture yours! I would like to show you a little story I call, ” I am a beautiful woman”. Rita has been my loyal customers for a very long time. I photographed all her children, parties, family portraits and created albums for each year. Recently,  I met her at the dance school and we started talking about Holidays, I found out that her birthday was on Thanksgiving just like my daughters and I asked her if she would love to come in and get photographed by her self without her family. As any mother, she hesitates at first but I tried to explain to her that mothers have to be selfish sometimes and get pampered and feel like a woman and individual adult without constantly thinking about their children’s lives.She agreed and she came in for her session. We talked about careers and what kind of decisions we have to make in our lives and just had a great afternoon for a couple of hours. I love to photograph women and its really my passion, I hate when women give me an excuse to avoid to be photographed. I feel like they are scared to do this and will avoid anything.

So if you think you are brave enough and would love to try out, I would be happy to meet with you.  I don’t force you to purchase anything that you don’t want, so, give me a call and lets set up consultation time for your special day. Please review Rita’s  photos and let me know if you like them. Metuchen PhotographerMetuchen PhotographerMetuchen PhotographerMetuchen PhotographyMetuchen PhotographerMetuchen PhotographerMetuchen PhotographerMetuchen New Jersey PhotographerMetuchen New Jersey PhotographyMetuchen PhotographerMetuchen Portrait PhotographerMetuchen PhotographerMetuchen PhotographerMaria Manjelo PhotographyMetuchen PhotographerMetuchen PhotographerNew Jersey Metuchen PhotographerMetuchen PhotographerMetuchen PhotographerMetuchen Photographer

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