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New Jersey Photographer – Head shots for your needs

I am here to help you out any way I can, as the New Jersey Photographer, I am providing business and personal headshots. I have done headshots for business, social, personal, modeling, acting and also for books releases. Anything you need, I can provide for you. The most popular that I received was for business websites.  So if your company needs headshots and requested for you to get some, here are some tips to help achieve the best look.

The first step will be, call me and tell me why you are doing headshots. Is this for business, what kind of business, is it just headshot or a full body shot as well? Then please find out if there are specifications. I had one client sending me a whole list of how the lights have to stand,  to what camera I should use. Many companies are not that specific but they might want a picture with gray background or white or like one company wanted navy blue. Also, some companies like their employees to be turned to the certain way during a pose, so it looks even more matched. You may also find out the size of the photograph they are requiring. Many places just using your photos for website only pictures and some want to print in large sizes, this will help me to make your photo more ready for your company.

I also provide hair and makeup for you, if you want to have this service, you have to call me in advance. I have the photo studio in Metuchen, New Jersey and I am doing all the sessions there. I can use lights or do it with natural light.  My regular package includes 30 minutes session with best 3 portraits of your choice, edited for you and emailed it to you. I also do just one portrait as well or if you need more photos you are also welcome to order more. In the 30 minutes duration, you can bring two tops and change to different clothes or we just can use the light and dark backgrounds for you, this way I am providing you more choices and you can pick your favorite photographs.

You can also take few steps to make your self-look more refresh for your photoshoot. If you are female, please do your nails and color your hair prior the session. The photos may be on the website for a while and you don’t want to people see your unfinished nails or roots of your original hair color. The night before, try not to eat too many salty foods like sushi and snacks, it will make you look puffy next day, even though we are editing your photos, puffiness is our worst enemy. Also please iron your jackets and shirts and even ties, I had many men, coming in with suits that were not prepared for the photoshoot. The last one is for men, please bring the best jacket that fits you the best. If you don’t wear the jackets to the office, don’t bring one for the photoshoot, instead just bring two best shirts that look great without zig zags and too many patterns. If you not sure what to wear, please bring some of the best clothes for you and I can help you achieve the best look.

It doesn’t matter what your needs are, I am here to help you with all of them. Please check my website for more samples, click on contact and leave your information. I will respond as soon as possible. Here are some samples from recent and old photoshoots that may help you with the ideas.New Jersey PhotographerNew Jersey PhotographerNew Jersey PhotographerNew Jersey PhotographerNew Jersey PhotographerNew Jersey PhotographerNew Jersey PhotographerNew Jersey PhotographerNew Jersey PhotographerNew Jersey Photographer

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