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Metuchen Portrait Photographer – Portraiture of a Teenager

I remember as a teenager I wanted to be a model. I am 5’8 so I would be on the shortest side of the model height spectrum. All teenagers especially girls think that they can be a model, the only thing may stop them to try it, is they are not tall enough or some other excuse that they make in their own head. My excuse was I was lazy to go to New York City to even try. Which sometimes I wonder now, was I ever made to be a model. So you if you have a teenager and you are looking for Metuchen Portrait Photographer to give your child a wonderful gift of awesome experience this is who is the best client of mine. She (Your Teen)  loves to photographs her self and constantly sending self-pix to social networks but you rather get something beautiful, timeless and classic portraiture of her and you would want to hang it on your wall in your living room or maybe down the hall and pass it by with the smile! I have something for both of you, that you may want to invest in. I just opened a portrait studio in Metuchen NJ and I would love you to come in with your teenager and see how we can create something wonderful for both of you. Consultation helps me understand clearly of your needs and wants and also about the style that you may like. I personally like more glamour and I will show you why by sharing the recent photographs of a local teenager that is the multi-talented girl and was just a ray of sunshine.

We had such a blast creating photographs for her. She was amazing in posing and knew how to use her hands but I am starting to think that any girl or boy for that matter, who dances professionally more than a couple of years, definitely know how to pose for photos. Kids like that learn to keep their wrists light and flexible which helps create great portraits. So let’s test the waters and see what your teenager can do and we will make stunning photographs for you as well. Here are some samples from our photo session.If you live near Metuchen or you can travel to me from any major routes of Central New Jersey, I will be delighted to hear from you and your teenager and meet you for consultation. Just go to the main page and click Contact, please leave the best contact information and how you heard about me and I will contact you as soon as possible. Let the fun begin!

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