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New Jersey Engagement Photography – A memory photos before I do.

I have been begging my customer to place few photos of their stunning engagement photos, she finally agreed.  I have done few engagements  in my career but this one I will say is the best one I have done. This was captured in Sandy Hook in August when everything was blooming.  It was amazing day, barely any wind and perfect sunshine.  We first went to bay side since the water was so much close to us and there were no people there. It was a little dirty there , with  natural debris and also a little garbage, I would recommend to wear sneakers or closed toe shoes there.

Then I asked the client to change to my evening gown dress. None of us were sure how well it would look, sometimes you have risk and try things to see if it would work. I believe it worked so well on the photos. If you never know what to bring for the session, I say anything that has sequence, sparkles, chiffon or lace. It will make your photos look more dressier and more upscale. Sometimes its not what a material it is but how well it sits on you.

What decisions you have to make before you do your engagement photos.  Consider your both outfits, you have to match as a couple no matter what style you want to do.  Great location is a plus, you don’t need much a beautiful spot on the side of the road can work as well as a manicured park.  Make sure that your style of your clothes and the location kind of match each other. I don’t see it being a great session if you wearing cowboys clothes in  gold course place.  People may start question your ideas and it will only irritate you by explaining everyone what was your vision. Your vision has to speak for its self. If you have to explain, your vision wasn’t executed.

Enjoy the photos and if you have any questions or you want to set up a engagement photos for your self, please contact me by clicking  Contact on my website . 

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