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New Jersey Maternity Photographer – Recent maternity photo shoot

Good Morning!

I did this session this  pass weekend. I just want to share few photos with you since this is just came out awesome.  I purchase this special dress for maternity session. As a maternity photographer I just want to show extravagant, rich, stunning and glamorous photos. Every time a customer calls me I just hope they are my ” it” client , my ” it ” client is someone who is open for my vision, helps me achieve it by being relaxed , who is willing to try  to work with me instead of just refusing or trying to control our entire shoot.  I may have a new idea with a client but it doesn’t mean it will work. I try with every customer to achieve something different. If something doesn’t look right or I don’t see it to be a great , I will  stop it and we moving on to something else. I want to be confident in my work and  also be proud of what I created. If my heart doesn’t feel it and my eye doesn’t see it, I can’t do it.

So if you ” It ” customer and you want to look stunning at least for one look from your maternity session, give me a call and we can work something out just for you. For maternity session I do three looks,  it can be on glamour, casual and nude. If you don’t want to do nude, you can always do something with open belly shots and wear something that doesn’t cover the belly. We also do shots with the partner and family shots  if you have children.  So I present to you Fall of 2016. I challenge my customers to get out of their box and feel like a true model for a day.


You might ask, what was so challenging  for this customer? Well, it was actually a windy , cold day and she was freezing. She smiled when I asked her, she gave me her best. I know its not easy to be something else for one hour that you are not. Its even harder when people stand around you and all looking at you. You feel like everyone is judging you and watching  your every move but its not true. We all watching for that  perfect moment , a moment where you look like the angel from a painting. We are nature’s beautiful subjects and this is what I am  looking for to capture. New Jersey Maternity Photographer, Maternity Photograph

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