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New Jersey Family Photographer – Ending this season with the bang

In my previous posts as a Family Photographer , I was lucky this year with a great weather in New Jersey. I stretched outside photo sessions as long as I could. The fall was great with lots of mild temperatures and plenty of sun shine, frost hasn’t bothered us yet but I am still looking forward for any family that is ready to risk and try to do a photo session in the cold.  Being a family photographer isn’t as easy because we are trying to get at least one great shot with a group of people and there is always someone in the family that hates to take photos. It can be from a little toddler to a grown , grumpy man.

So few things prior the family session. Have some food, not to stuff your self but enough that everyone can handle a photo session without going hungry during the family session. Adults that hate pictures may have one drink of their choice. I don’t mind if it relaxes a person and opens them to smile more. Communication about clothes, please make sure that everyone understands what to wear so no surprises and no member will get upset of misunderstanding.  If you want to do just children, please bring some bright and noise toy, if its for the little once, or promise some little gift after the session.

These photos I am showing has nothing to do with large groups but just a very special sister and her brother. I photographed them on a nice day around 3 p.m. prior the time change. Now I can only suggest to do sessions in the morning since at 3 p.m. it gets  dark.  This was done at our local park  that has plenty of woods and a lake. We took some photos by the lake to create a beautiful background.

I think they came out great and I am always enjoying  taking photographs of children that are having fun. Session like this is no more then twenty minutes , kids can’t handle to many smiles and too many poses. They get tired quickly and start giving me fake smiles. I also can admit that if you put children in nice yet comfortable clothes , it helps us to achieve great shots.  If you are interested in your Cold Season Photo shoot , please email me.


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