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New Jersey Maternity Photographer – Outside photos in Manasquan

We are blessed with this fall season. Its mid November and the temperatures are around 60s. Beautiful foliage is still in action so if you are interested in maternity photography please call as soon as possible.

This maternity session was done in October in Manasquan Water Reservoir  in New Jersey. Many of those ideas the client already had prior our first meeting. I don’t have problems with making something similar to what clients saved on their phone, the only thing that I may question  is their expectation, do they want to be as  identical picture or just the idea.  I always warn people that I can make something similar but not exact.

I had few people bringing me pinterest photo samples of what they wanted to capture.  Now, I usually ask a client to look on my website instead of pinterest. Clients on the website are more real and not as great models as the once on pinterest.  Customers get upset if they don’t look like Angelina Jolie but they look like themselves. Photography is the illusion that people want to take to great length but they not understanding that there is a small “act”  is also involved in creating the particular look. Majority of people are uptight or shy to ” act” in front of camera.

After we finished to do some photos that customer wanted to capture, I also asked to do something different for ourselves. We were in a beautiful place,  at the beautiful time.  The photo where the bird was sitting on the branch was something we done right away as soon we saw the bird. The hugging photo with the blanket, it was something we did also separately.

The photo where the client was hugging her belly , wearing her hat, the  background is roots of a big tree that fell down. Since the roots were  towards us, I asked her to stand close enough so I could capture them. It came out so nice, very unrealistic background.

Photos with  sun rays, she wanted to capture where the sun is in the middle of their faces but we came there a little early so the sun was a little too high for that photo. So I did another photo where the sun’s rays were hitting my lens and were creating this magical lines and I think it looks magical.

There is not much time left to do some maternity photos outside, so if you want to do something for yourself or even for the holidays cards, please contact me. Phone calls are the best and I request for a meeting. For now enjoy the photos, tell me which are your favorite. New Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity PhotographerNew Jersey Maternity Photographer

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