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New Jersey Maternity Photographer – East Brunswick Day

East Brunswick Day was this Saturday, not far from my home. As a New Jersey Maternity photographer and local East Brunswick resident , I decided to invest a little money and show myself to my neighbors. East Brunswick is a very tricky town. We have over 40, 000 residents and one of the major route that gives us maybe another 500,000 amount of cars everyday that are commuting  to work and back. Yet  when it comes to photographing East Brunswick residents, for about a decade of my professional work, I think I photographed few people. Its very hard to have business in East Brunswick. The rent is unbelievable high but majority of people are just passing you by, I don’t even know where East Brunswick people shop or have their things done. My dream is to have a studio in my own town but for now I have to work from home.

Saturday I decided to show maternity , senior , portraits and wedding photos. My wonderful husband who is my number one fan, my best supporter and the only helper and my carpenter and my computer genius, a man of different skills and a guy with hands made out of gold. He helped me to created this wonderful wall. I showed him  the idea and design of what I wanted to make. He created it in one day , which took all day. Took it apart and build it again in couple hours on location on next day. It was exhaustion for both of us, I was so tired I was falling asleep at 9 p.m.

We had great turn around even though it was very cloudy and rained a little prior the opening. I was scared that they will move it to another day but thankfully the weather worked to our advantage. Many people showed up , music, food and all local businesses were in one spot. Free things for kids and opportunity to climb into firetruck or police car. What better way to spend your Saturday.

I had many people stopping by , from someone who was interested in my services, to friends who showed up to give me their support and even some photographers that wanted  to talk to me. I had so much fun and too bad it was only five hour event, I could stay there much longer.  My whole point was to introduce myself to East Brunswick community and let them know I am here , in this area and provide these services.  Check out my wall  and I already found a way to thank my husband. He would have to wait for it but I am sure he would enjoy it.


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