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New Jersey Portrait Photography – Love your photos

Photography is art and it always ends with a print in your hand. I would love you to experience what professional portrait photography means, instead of giving you half of the product which is a disk.

This will be me now my new pitch to all my customers. As a portrait photographer I feel very special that I was one of the chosen, of your attention. My work grabbed your interest, to me it means you like my taste and you understand what I want to express. It also means that you get me and it also means that I will get you too.  I can create something for you and its only yours and you can enjoy it , for the rest of your life and your children’s.

As a photographer and artist you always have to evolve and educate your self , you go with the flow of  what is new and trendy. Many photographers only do their business this way, some stay old fashion. I want to do large photos for clients but people are only interested in USB drives and they are totally loosing the whole point of the photography.  Its not about how many photos you have,  it’s how few can be so stunning that you don’t need the rest. It’s not about what can fit on your disk but what can fit on your shelf  or on  your wall. Your photographs deserve much better service, you deserve much better service. Your photographer is giving half of his work, for half of the cost and send you to the world with a stick and thinks that you can now be a professional pressman. You probably think the same thing, yet you have no idea about quality of paper or textures and guarantees on photo’s life.

You probably seen plenty of natural disasters on television. Have you noticed that when people coming back to ruins,  they always want to find is few precious items and albums.  Have you noticed how people always look for their pictures? These people worry about starting from zero. No more memories of their parents and grandparents, their baby photos their children photos, nothing! Like they never existed, its the scariest feeling people receive at that moment.

Now let me ask you one thing, can you find a usb stick or a disk in a house that was hit in a tornado or a hurricane? How about a working computer that will show you all your photos. Are all your photos on one disk?


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