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New Jersey Maternity Photographer – My last maternity of 2016

As a maternity photographer, I am always looking for a wonderful future moms that want to capture this special, wonderful  moment. I am constantly reminding women that pregnancy is very unique and we don’t get pregnant as often during our lifetime.  I see some of the women coming back to me and I just love to do their maternity portrait sessions again. This year I added another wonderful service and its makeup and hair. This way all the ladies have beautiful make up for their session and they can use that moment to set up a wonderful date with their husbands.  This is a different experience like no other. You get pampered like in a salon but you also pretend to be a model or a star and then  you receive lovely photographs that you can keep forever.

There is no right or wrong time to be photographed  , anytime is perfect as long as you can capture that special moment. I do have recommendations based on your pregnancy. I usually say 35th week right before the baby drops to your birth canal. Many women that are active through out the pregnancy and watch their weight and on their feet a lot may actually prolong their photo shoot, because they feel much better and can be more flexible , they  can handle one hour session with no problem.  Another  trick I have is asking my clients to watch their swelling, on fingers and feet  and face. We do many beautiful editing and we take out scars, stretch marks and anything else but we can’t really play with your swelling, so if you feel like the rings get too tight and your feet start to look unattractive, it’s time to call and do your session.

This was my last shoot of 2016. We had to do around her apartment because of the milk bath photo and it was way to cold outside. We had to be close enough to a warm space , so she could warm up , actually that day it snowed a little. She requested couple of things like the name of the baby on the ball and angel wings because she was in a terrible car accident prior the pregnancy.  If you are pregnant and would like something unique to capture , please give me a call so we can meet and talk about your needs and wants,brainstorm  ideas, also  I can display my products for you.  For now please view the photos .

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