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New Jersey Photographer – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I was off for two weeks with my kids, got so lazy lately, can’t get into working mode yet. As a New Jersey Photographer I need to start moving around, so many projects this year and already plenty of people requesting my services. I need to wake up from this long winter slumber and get going.  Here are some pictures throughout the year that were taken last year.

This year I am trying to get into senior portraits and more portraits for women. I am also getting more serious about getting a studio this year. I need and want some space where I can invite people for the photo shoots.  Outside photographs are beautiful but I would love to get studio portraiture as well, so this is my focus for this year. It’s a little hard to find what I am looking for in a studio around my area. I need windows and also a higher ceilings so I can raise my lamps if I have to. Enough room to put all my backdrops and my products around and enough space to shoot a family of at least four.

For seniors portraiture I am looking  to introduce myself around my own town first , so kids will know about my service. I want to do more of personal photos where the photos are not standard and cooking cutter poses . Kids love to express themselves and get attention, this way they can open themselves and show who they truly are.  This will be a new thing for me this year.

The last but most important thing is, portraits of women. Women don’t think about themselves, they are always last. Their children and family are always first but I need to get women start appreciate themselves and see how beautiful and wonderful they are.

I am wishing you all again a Happy New Year and I hope to will be a great, peaceful year for all of us. New Jersey Photographer

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