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As I mentioned before, my career started as a Maternity Photographer, it basically chose  me, in a way. I fell in love with maternity photography when my friend who was pregnant with her last baby was leaving  and moving to another state. I asked her if I could  photograph her while she was pregnant and I was fortune enough to photograph her little boy too after he was born. She was perfect and we did many different types of photos with her. Tell you the truth I don’t remember the other poses but one pose burned in my head and I considered it my most favorite,  where she was standing and holding a picture frame around her belly. I know they do these poses now  but I was working hard on my creativity back then and I tried everything, I was studying my best work and what looked good when you print it.  If I fell in love with the photo, I would print it and looked at it and try to figure out what I liked about it.

After her session I started receiving phone calls from pregnant moms looking for a female maternity photographer. Women wanted to do this but  they didn’t feel comfortable get naked around men. Majority of photographers around me were men  back then and they were not interested in photographing  maternity.  Some women told me that many photographers thought in a way that it was a little disgusting. We are talking about the time when many women didn’t see photography as their career and male photographers  were a majority. Men only wanted to work with events, weddings or hot models. So it became my thing, I photographed naked women all year long. I didn’t allow them to wear any clothes and we took photos in classic poses with simple backgrounds with even or contrast light. Flowers and wraps were my best props. I didn’t sell any disks and gave my ladies small albums with 10-4×6 size photographs in them, few 8×20 size prints and one large 11×14. They were happy and I was busy all the time.

Couple years later I noticed that my pregnant women kind of disappeared and I started photographing children, communions and family. I have been working hard by providing beautiful photos of my few maternity moms to show new , potential clients, that I am still in maternity game and I can created something beautiful for them.

Here is my not so last customer and with this customer we did hair and makeup and we created something simple, elegant and just stunning. I was happy to start maternity again with customer that wanted album and prints, just like in old days. They ordered a 1ox10 size album and 16×20 size canvas for their apartment. They totally understand the point that disk won’t make you happy but album and photos will. So please enjoy and if you know anyone who would want to receive this great experience, share my website with them and they can get 10% off as a referred customer.

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