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New Jersey Maternity Photographer – Maternity Portraits

While the weather is terrible here, I wanted to show you one of my old maternity portrait session. I just love the way it was edited by my editor. The photos came out great and I also used this background first time. As a maternity photographer, I am constantly searching for new backgrounds, outfits, ideas and always in the search for something new.

Many customers kind of like the same thing and they always show the same few photographs but I like to add something extra for each client to make myself happy. Doing the same thing over and over again gets boring but adding new backgrounds or new poses and change things around gives people something unique and special portraits.

This family requested the photo session in the studio. For the portrait session in the studio, I use the plain backgrounds for the majority of the photo session. I like when the subject is the main focus and attention is not taken away by the background.

The sessions usually run about 2 hours, we change from one to two outfits depends on what we are doing. Please call and request the consultation prior the session. We can talk about your ideas and discuss what we add to your beautiful session. You can also try dresses that I have for maternity photo portraits and help you to make a decision on your partner’s outfits.

Makeup and hair included in your session, we can make decisions on style and makeup ideas.

So if you are ready for your beautiful maternity photo portraits session, contact me either by email or by phone. Maternity PhotographerMaternity Photographer

This is really a great photo of mom and her son. You can feel the love.

Maternity Photographer

The plain white background so attention is only on you.

New Jersey Maternity Photographer

The snake print, tight dress.

New Jersey Maternity Photographer


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