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New Jersey Portrait Photographer – Before and After

I have been in this field over 15 years, professionally I started doing portrait photography about 14 years ago. I had all types of people coming to do their portraits photo sessions. As a New Jersey portrait photographer, you want the perfect clients who are photogenetic,  flexible and are great posers and easy as customers and you might receive few of those in your career and then there are all types of a little bit of this and a little bit of that in above categories.

Today I want to talk about the “Before and After” which I started doing couple years ago, Makeup, and Hair. The reason why I decided to have a professional person to do hair and makeup before the sessions are because I had multiple customers one after another coming in that never liked makeup and never did anything with their hair.  I understand that its who they are and this is how they go every day but I use studio lights and this makes women look very pale and basically washed out.  My husband who is very supportive of my business likes to ask me how the session went almost every time. When he asks me a question like that, it makes me go through the session mentally and find positive and negative things about what happened and how I can change for a  better next session. Basically, a review. I noticed that I started saying that I need a makeup person to do the makeup and hair person to do the hair. For a family photo shoot or maternity photo shoot, I didn’t want my customers to look so bland. I wanted the photo sessions to be a celebration of this particular family. It doesn’t matter if this is a small family that is ready to have an addition or already existed family and enjoying their children and want to capture this time for themselves. We all go through something in our life and it can be a smooth ride with small celebrations in between or have huge celebrations with the bang.

As long as we are celebrating our lives and capturing these moments, this is what counts the most. Children are growing, parents maturing and photographs are the only thing that stays with us and allowed to carry our memories to the future.

Going back to the makeup and hair, as soon I started doing this, I noticed that people just enjoy this service even more. This is almost the same as the wedding or the prom. It just has done much quicker and you don’t have to spend so much money like you do at the wedding.  Women became stunning and we are still listening to their needs, we just adding oomph to the photographs.

You can also take advantage of this by going out with your significant other or with your friends and continue to celebrate your life. We live once that we remember so enjoy it while you can.


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