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New Jersey Portrait Photographer – Special Mother’s Day

I decided for a little while this year to move more towards being a portrait photographer photographing adults and less babies and children. There are plenty of newborn photographers around me that do fabulous work and some for dirt cheap money but I don’t have enough good photographers around me that do decent portraits with the meaning. I decided while my life is changing now to change my self , my art and my love for photography. So!!!!!!

I am announcing a very special Mother’s Day session for short 30 minutes. Makeup and Hair including and wardrobe change. All you have to do is bring your siblings and your mother. We will treat your mom well and she will get what she always wanted, a portrait of herself with her children. Sounds simple? It is simple! Just let me know when and where and we will come to you place. All you have to do make sure your siblings will be there and bring some tops that will match you all. Sparkle, fur and feathers is plus and men in good business shirts. Think of Glamour or check the photos of actors with their loved once. If you are ready , I have a very limited amount of time before the Mother’s Day. We want your portraits to be all ready for viewing on May 8th. Don’t wait!Portrait Photographer

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