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Your Event Photographer is an Artist

Your Event Photographer is an Artist: But What Should You Pay Them?

Many people think that a event photographer is a person who simply presses buttons on a camera but they do not realize the process and analysis that is required to simply capture an event in detail. When it comes to an event, the work is much more than just the day of the event, the work includes gathering all of the materials, understanding the theme of the event, and also planning the best shots that are going to work for the event.

A large part of the planning and the psychology that goes into the process is also based on talking to the client and seeing what their vision is for the event. What that means is that the photographer has to take the event and then translate it into something that is going to match the vision of the client for the best results. The vision is a part of the process that many clients forget. The artist has a perspective that many people do not have and that means that their time as well as their keen creative powers will provide you with something that you cannot get from any other perspective.

Why Do Photographers Charge What They Do?

The national average is 150.00 for an event photographer; you are paying for the time, the perspective, and the work that happens behind the scenes. The work that happens outside of the party itself involves organizing all of the materials, traveling to the site, speaking with the client about what they want to see and then there is a whole other list of tasks after the event. Following the event, the photographer will have to review all of the photos that are taken, choose the best ones, retouch them if necessary and also then load them onto a USB that can be presented to the client.

Retouching photos is an art all unto itself, if you have ever looked at the interface of Photoshop or any other program like it, you will be aware how hard it is to use. The talents of the photographers are shown in the way that the photo is taken, the way that it is retouched, and the skill that is required to make that OK photo look amazing.

If you have sticker shock after speaking to a photographer, it is very important to remember that you are paying them for their vision as well as their perspective. Without the creative direction, light retouching, and the selection of a professional photographer, we would all find our photos full of blinking, red eyes, and uneven smiles. It is the light brush stroke of the click of the mouse that enables the photographer to take their work from good to great and to make us all look more presentable. At the end of the day when you are planning an event, even if the premium seems a bit high, you are worth it to make your event incredible. The artist, you are hiring to use their camera is also worth it. Cheers to an amazing event.

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