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New Jersey Seniors Photographer – Portraits of seniors

Being a seniors photographer is…

Being a seniors photographer is a market that I really want to get in and not having to much luck to get into. What a perfect age to photograph young adults. They are 18 ready to leave for college , start their new life as  somewhat independent young adults , find their new paths and likes and learn more about themselves while using the parent’s rule of navigation through life.  This is also a perfect time because they are on the edge of the past and the future. They want to show themselves as who they are and leave a little piece of them selves to their parents. Parents are also in a middle with the emotions at this stage. They are very happy for  their children and for them  making a next big step in their life, they are proud of their children for finishing school and being accepted to colleges. At the same time,  they are so sad because their child is  leaving them and they are realizing that a house will be one child emptier and their lives are one person less  dependent. Many parents have hard time to adjust to this situation and depending how many children do live in the household. If it’s the only child household or a last child is leaving,   its even harder  for the parents to adjust.

With all these big shifts, many people forget to do seniors photography or family photography but I believe it’s a perfect way to capture this big moment. We capture the newborns and maternity when we have big shifts in our lives. We capture weddings, which is another big change in our lives. Capturing big changes as portraits or events are important in our lives, many people just kind of skip it with many regrets . I want you to think about it and not skip it. Don’t skip, like Jessica didn’t skipped  it! She came in because she didn’t like her yearbook photos. I invited her to do her cap and gown photo with her trying out the senior photos. I asked her to bring her swim suit  since she is a swimmer in our local school team and few of her favorite dresses. I called my make up artist and asked Destiny to do her make up  and hair. This is what we came up with and am I glad we did this. So if you want something like this for your daughter or son or  if you are the daughter or son and want to do this. Show this to your parents and I have a special going on right now. #seniorminisession  For 45 minutes session with hair and make up you get 15 digital images for you to print and online gallery and photos for you to share online. All this for just $345.  Email me at maria@mariamanjelo.com or call me 732-995-5789.


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