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New Jersey Wedding Photographer – Some suggestions

September is the month to find and book a wedding photographer. Even today is about 86 degrees and pretty hot, at least at nights it gets cool enough. So if you have your party in the evening, it just gets very nice. I photograph small weddings, I even call myself  “small wedding photographer”. I love the intimacy of such important and beautiful event. I also love the idea that many of brides and grooms instead of going extravagant, save some money and create a wedding that becomes more corky and innovative. For example, one couple  had their wedding at 1930’s theater club in Highlands which gave a view of  Atlantic ocean and even the NYC. They both love jazz music and that place was just perfect for that. Another example, I had bride and groom  instead of a wedding cake, they had three different pies. Their wedding was on Delaware River on the Pennsylvania’s side in mid October.

These weddings also get so cozy because of their locations. From small event halls in the park on top of the mountain or in a multi million dollar homes. Some of those places have history and were build long time ago. Like the hotel 1885, it has a original fire place.

So don’t get discouraged but not having enough people to have the extravagant wedding. Many of the places that can only have 60 or less people are the most comfortable, cozy and beautiful places you can ever ask for. Their customer service is as great and even can be better.

The only important thing is, give enough time for photographer to capture all necessary photos  for you. Splurge extra couple hundred bucks and get away from your guests or start photographing one hour earlier. This year I had two weddings that literally gave me ten minutes of their time to be photographed together as a new couple. They just didn’t count in the extra time,  for things like : the bride might be late or that because they did so much of the group shots, the groom wanted to go and see guests at the cocktail hour.  Twenty minutes seems a lot for people but to me one hour can’t be enough. Not paying attention and being awkward in your poses can prolong the time to capture that perfect photo. So talk to your photographer and I am waiting for you to call.

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