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Newborn Photography considerations before the sessions.

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography is the most challenging session that I have to create. As we can all understand all babies are not the same. Some are very easy to deal with because they are more flexible and less sensitive or just so sleepy that they don’t mind when you touch them during their nap. Other babies or newborns are more active or sensitive to touches or cranky. Life isn’t easy, we should not expect a session to be easy. Patience is a virtue.

I will admit that some newborns or baby photography had to be retaken because the first location just didn’t create the  best atmosphere for the child. Things to consider before you decided to bring your newborn to the studio:

  • If you want to take naked pictures of your baby, try few days before the session during diaper changes to keep your baby naked. Some newborns don’t like to be naked. When we start taking their clothes off, they wake up and show us their dislike.  This will prepare them for a cute newborn session. Newborn period ( 1-6 weeks) is the most adorable time to take them naked, for their sizes and flexibility.
  • If your baby has very dry skin, please ask your doctor what type of lotion you can use. I have seen babies with such bad skin that they cracked and bled.
  • Try the outfits that you bring prior to the session. Babies don’t look good in clothes that are one or two sizes way to big.
  • Bring lots of milk. I know you are trying to be perfect mom and you have a schedule for your baby. We just need a little snack. Modeling and trying to be beautiful for a baby is a full time job. They get hungry much faster.
  • I know its to much for a new mother to deal with. Bring your friends or better yet your family. Your mother in-law would love you even more if you can include her in a such beautiful time. Trust me, she will remember that day , more than you will.

Bring your calm and best attitude. So many clients are so excited about their newborn/baby sessions, they start to get nervous if the session is not going the way they expected it. Children feel that vibe from their mothers and it gets them confused. They are not sure why they are laying in a bassinet and mommy is making silly faces. Happy babies become serious babies.  Studio is unfamiliar place to them. The surroundings and noises and smells. If you didn’t take your child outside of your home for couple of days or even weeks. Home sessions are also could be the best thing for you and your baby.

Newborns grow up to the baby stage to  fast. Only in few weeks your child can change the hair color, eye color and be more alert and smile more. Don’t forget to take those first two weeks of precious time. Time flies to fast in that stage of your child’s life.

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