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Sweet 16 or Quinceañera Event Photography


Everybody have a different memory about their or Quinceañera. I kind of knew that many countries consider you at that age as a young woman. I didn’t have a sweet 16 party unfortunately but my grandmother that passed away that year gave me a little ring with few small diamonds. I still have that ring more as a memory about her than about me becoming a young woman.

This special event which I consider as an Event Photography can be something very small and private or almost as lavish as a big wedding. No matter what you are doing, capturing this special moment of your life is a must. I can probably count on my fingers all the special moments in your life. Turning 15 or 16 and inviting everyone you love at that age is one of the special days of your entire life. People leave your life for all types of reasons. Knowing who was around you at that age is great. I wish I had some photos that showed what my 16 was like for me then.

I would like to share few photos I just did recently for a special family. This year is a big year for them. The party was just amazing! The food was great, the hall was beautiful and the music was over the top. DJ had his own entourage with lights and flat screen TV. Some people know how to party. This was definitely a great party. Everyone was dancing, old and young. I do feel happy for the people that can pull special way for their children or family members.

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