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Senior Portraits and Prom

Senior Prom photography ! The most exciting event for any high school senior. The preparation starts months ahead. The appointments for the hair and make up. How about all the choices and styles of tuxedos and don’t let me start talking about the dresses, the styles for the dresses is unlimited. Yet when it comes to the special day, all parents do is picking their regular point and shoot cameras and take pictures how ever they can. I unfortunately did the same thing with my prom and I have only few normal pictures  left even though I remember my mom was clicking away. Its because some of them came out blurry or I had red eyes from flash. My prom was in ’97 and back then the cameras were not as smart as they are now. I cringe when I see parents struggling with their way to smart for regular consumer cameras and become content with what ever they get. Spending all this money and leaving with okay pictures isn’t something every parent wants to do. Wouldn’t  it be better if you had a beautiful Senior photography done of your child on their one of the most special day? We all remember our proms, maybe we forgot the songs we danced to or food we eat but we all remember out outfits and how beautiful we felt and most important how much  fun we had. So don’t be the same parent that is struggling with your camera and let me capture something wonderful and special for your child. We can do the prom photos or just fun, beautiful photos in which we can capture the last teenage years. Your children will move away ,go to colleges and grow up and become young adults. This is the last opportunity for you to leave some great photos of your senior, I mean of your precious baby.


Prom Photography

Senior Prom PhotographyProm PhotographySeniors PhotographyProm Photography

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