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Couples Portrait Photography

With so many maternity, newborns and head shots. I totally missed the best part of capturing photos of  adults or usually young adults, I call it the couple portraits or just regular portrait photography. How wonderful and peaceful the time goes by. We have no toddlers running around the studio because its more space than they have seen for the past couple of months, since its too cold outside to run around.  Or newborns crying because they need to be changed or a  young intelligent person that needs their head shots and totally forgets to smile because they are so shy.

 Last month, a couple came to see me, they  asked me to do their portraits. I was very happy to do their session for one reason. They are young couple that got married a year ago and are not crazy about their wedding pictures and decided to do something special for them selves. Take portraits that they can print in large sizes and hang them on their walls.

We had a blast, we have talked and joked and better yet we laughed so much. They wanted something casual but I just loved what I created for them. They were asking for almost black and white photos with the  dark background. I came up with almost  black and white photos but they were just very pale and added some blue tone. So the difference between black and white won’t been seen on the computer but it will definitely been seen on the print.

Please check them out and let me know if you like them.

Couples Photography

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Couples Photography


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