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Why choose me for your maternity photo session?

Pregnancy photography is great for remembering that special time and capturing a good moment of your life. If you want to have beautiful, nice, intimate and adorable portraits, you can hire my services. Here are the reasons why you should choose me for your maternity photo session.

Reasons to choose me for your maternity photoshoot

In my photo studio you will get extraordinary, elegant and charming photos. The process is simple, I first ask clients to come in for a free consultation before the maternity session. You can come around the 30th week of pregnancy, since at that time the belly is at an ideal size to try out some maternity dresses.


1.-Guaranteed experience

A good maternity photographer is essential for this type of portrait. I guarantee you the experience you need to have an unforgettable session. At the free consultation I want you to meet me and see my studio. I have photos hanging on the walls, so you will see the results and samples from other clients. This will also help you understand the work I do.

2.-Diversity of dresses

You should wear great clothes during your pregnancy photo shoot. Another reason to choose me is because I offer you a wide variety of outfits. If you have a lot of doubts about what to wear I show you the dresses I have. You can use some of them in your session, but if you want others you can bring your own dresses.

3.-Sample photos

You have the opportunity to try on some dresses that catch your eye. But that’s not all, during this process I take pictures of you with my phone camera so you can analyze how they look on you. I will send them to you by email, this will help you to choose the wardrobe also for your husband.

4.-Multiple package options

The best thing about having your maternity shoot at my studio is that you have multiple package options. At the free consultation we go through them all, I show you four different packages in total. Three of them for maternity and one for mommy and baby package. I explain what each session includes and their products including albums, canvases and prints.

5.-Good planning

I guarantee you a good planning and organization of your maternity photo session. That’s why we go over the ideas of what we will do for your pregnancy photos from wardrobe to concept. Depending on the package you select, you will use from one to four outfits. Plus, you’ll enjoy the right equipment or tools, set designs, styles and original angles.


What are you waiting for? You’ll have great photos that will remind you of this beautiful stage of your life. 

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